Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In and around Jaipur

On our first evening in Jaipur, we were taken out to the Amber Fort for a beautiful sound and light presentation of the history of this very old fort. The very next morning (May 3rd) we returned early to go see the fort from the inside. We also visited the Jai Garh Fort later in the morning which is home of the largest cannon in the world. This followed a visit to the City Palace Museum, that houses some of the furnishings and clothing of the rulers of the Amber fort. We were treated by a lovely traditional Rajasthani Thali lunch.

The next morning, we had planned to go to Agra in a taxi that was arranged for us by our hosts. However, the heat from the day before made us take a rest day instead and push our Agra trip to the next day. I used this opportunity to spend the day shopping instead. We went to lovely shop called Rana Saris in Jaipur and I spent lots of time and money buying some beautiful Rajasthani Saris. Good thing they had a sale going on and I went with a cousin of Meera's who is a frequent shopper at this shop. I felt like I was treated like royalty as the shop keeper pulled out one sari after another for me to inspect and pick out.

On May 5th, we took the 4.5 hour drive to Agra and went to go see the Taj Mahal. First we had lunch at a restaurant called Zorba the Buddha and then we headed to Taj Mahal around 1.30 pm which is the hottest part of the day. The entrance to the Taj was about 750 INR (12 USD) for foreigners and only 20 INR for Indians. So I asked for two tickets for the tourists (Vadim and Lily) and one Indian one. We saved 730 INR and my visit to the Taj was so much more pleasant for it :)

For the most part, people think that I am the tour guide for the foreigners that I am travelling with. I was even offered a 20% commission to bring them into the gift shop at the Taj Mahal.

The drive back from Agra to Jaipur took almost 5.5 hours because of traffic. But thankfully it started to rain on the way back and the weather was much more pleasant. This was our last evening in Jaipur

On an entirely different note, if anyone is ever headed to Jaipur, we would highly recommend the guest house we stayed at:




zenmaster said...

Hey guys, just finished reading some of your comments. It sounds like you are really having the adventure of a lifetime. Hope you are feeling well, safe, and having a great time. We miss you back here but are really enjoying the tales or your travels. Keep the blog's coming.
Gregg and Darlene

Nadia + Vadim said...

Thanks Zenny for following along. We miss you guys back home as well. Make room in your basement for when we get back.