Monday, May 25, 2009

Food in New Delhi

New Delhi, India. We have been enjoying some really yummy food on this trip. As it turns out, our hotel puts out some really nice North Indian food and we are addicted to their garlic naans. Only the Tandoor (clay oven) doesn't start working until 7 pm. So we have to wait a little longer before ordering.

Some of the food high/low lights include:

The Spice Route, Central Delhi - South India and Thai Fusion - located @ the Imperial Hotel, which is one of the more expensive old school hotels in Delhi. People like Jinnah have stayed here. Supposedly this is where he came up with the idea of creating Pakistan. What an auspicious day that must have been. Anyways, going back to the food - the service was immaculate but that was just glossing over the mediocrity of the food. We had specifically asked for mild seasoning and that is not what we got. The food was good and edible but definitely not worth the price tag which was came out to a whopping $40 a person. In a city where you can get a delicious meal for 40 INR, or $.50 cents, that's a lot of money.  But you get to dress up and play ritzy for a night.

Parikrama - the Rotating Restaurant in New Delhi - Food was excellent. Prices were good and the views just lovely. We really enjoyed good Tandoori food here. Dessert wasn't so great. I recommend it for their Indian food because their Chinese food tasted great but it was definietly made by someone who has never had Chinese food. We ordered Tempura, which I thought was Japanese but was found on their Chinese menu and tasted like a Pakora.

Sagar Ratna - South Indian Restaurant - Probably one of our favorite restaurants in New Delhi. It is always filled with locals which is a good sign. The prices are totally affordabel and we tried Dosas, Vadas and other South Indian food that even I have never had before. It was yummy and we have been back once so far.

Cafe Coffee Day - Local answer to Starbucks - Great iced coffees and regular coffees, espressos and cappuccinos. They also have good sandwiches and lots of locations all over. So this works out as a great option when you don't want to think too much about how clean the place is etc before ordering.

And yes, I admit, we have been to KFC once. It tastes okay. Definitely not as great as I remember it tasting when I was little and my parents would drive us hours to go eat at a KFC in Saudi Arab. It is spicy so they definitely add some pepper to the batter and the best part is that the chicken is skinless so has way lesser calories and fat. Loved their 25 INR Choc Amore which is a yummy browny with a liquid middle.

While I am on confessions, we have also been to McDonalds more than once. The first time we had to try the Indian Burger which is a vegetable patty and tastes Indian so they add a few spices. The next time we had a McChicken and the Chicken Maharaja Mac. McChicken tasted the same but ofcourse there can only be one Chicken Maharaja Mac that they sell only in India :)

Speaking of all this food, I think we better head back to our hotel before the restaurant closes and all the garlic naans are gone.

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