Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Off to Jiri....

We wanted to send out a quick note to let everyone know that we are off to Jiri by bus tomorrow morning (April 2nd). We have booked a 6 am bus in hopes of beating any traffic out of Kathmandu. The 188 Km trip is supposed to take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours on a narrow, windy and hilly road. Hope all goes well. Vadim has a local SIM card on his phone and incoming calls are supposed to be free. The number is: 011-977-1-980-808-2688. I am not sure how far there will be a signal into the mountains but since I was unable to make a Skype call today before the load shedding, I am sending the number.

We have done all our due diligence to be safe for this trek. We are starting 8 days earlier than Rahila Baji to get better acclimatized. We have hired a guide who has been to Base Camp many times. We will also have two porters helping us carry our bags. We have registered with Himalayan Rescue Association and they have in turn sent out our registration forms to both the Canadian and US Consulates here in Kathmandu. We have evacuation coverage as well as travel medical insurance, plus altitude sickness medication, all of which we hope to not ever have to rely on.

It is getting very late and we should head to bed. We spent the last four hours packing in candlelight and then just as we finished, the light came back on :) And I want to post this before the light goes out again. We hope to send updates along our trek if and when we find an internet cafe.


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Katie said...

Hey Nadia! I can't believe you're really in Nepal and on your way towards/up Mt. Everest! How exciting! I'm busy studying for the PE. Less that 2 weeks to go... it's super boring! Zzz... I used to have a friend who lived in Kathmandu. I knew her from summer camp in 1993 or 1994... she once sent me a photo of a goat being slaughtered as a part of some sort of ritual/celebration. I doubt she is still there, right? Well, good luck with your adventure and be sure take lots of pictures! I look forward to hearing/seeing more about your trip!
-Katie Warren